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Coach. Hypnotist. Childbirth Educator. Mother. Wife.
Music Lover.
Bird Watcher.
Former Type A.

Jennifer Day-Sully

I came to know and love hypnosis and mindfulness through my own hypnobirthing experience. I work to empower families to experience positive births, as well as help people free themselves from unwanted behaviours and thought patterns so that they may live happier, healthier lives.  I see coaching clients in-person and online and teach the Hypnobirthing Australia, Positive Birth Program in Gladstone, QLD. 



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Kerry, Gladstone QLD

"The outcome was better than I could have ever imagined."

"My fear of labour was that huge I thought nothing would help me overcome it. Jennifer introduced me to hypnobirthing. I couldn't believe that after just a few sessions I could already start to feel my thoughts change. I felt strong, empowered and ready to take on the challenge that I knew my body could handle because I had my mindset in control. I ended up using the hypnosis techniques during labour and the outcome was better than I could have ever imagined. Jennifer is a wonderful coach. She made me feel at ease, confident and most importantly in control of my fears and emotions."

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Danielle, Sydney NSW

"I can already feel a change in mindset ."

"As a hypnosis newbie and an out of state client, Jennifer really took the time to learn all about my concerns that I wanted to target. She didn't just ask basic questions, she really tried to find out my backstory, my past experiences, how I got to where I am today and it helped her to create a really inspiring hypnosis session that was personal and relatable. I'm just getting started but I can already feel a subconscious change in mindset and I hope to keep working with her to help increase my mental strength and mindset to reach my goals."


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Yvonne, Gladstone QLD

"Jen really invests time and care into her clients."

"I was struggling to get over a hump for a while, a hump that was in the way of achieving my dreams….that was until Jen offered to help me by sharing her expertise in emotions, mindfulness and hypnotism. She did it, she got me over the hump, and I have not looked back. Jen really invests time and care into her clients, she truly wants to be part of your journey to live a better life. I’m so happy and thankful that our paths have crossed. Thanks Jen."

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Francie, Gladstone QLD

"The classes with Jennifer were intimate and full of info."

The classes with Jennifer were intimate and full of info, including several hypnosis sessions. She went out of her way to check in on us regularly and offer additional info. The techniques are easily used with c-section births too and were such a great help in the lead up to and now after the birth - a lifesaver in the few weeks following! Please take your partners, it’s a big help for them also." 

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Andrea, New Orleans Louisiana

"I feel calmer now."

"I was nervous about the birthing process, opening my heart and mind to hypnobirthing has changed all that. I feel calmer now and love that my husband is more prepared to be my hero in the birthing room!"

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Jessica, Gladstone QLD

"Jennifer has been great."

"I've been through some emotionally difficult situations recently that have left me unsure of how to move forward & needing help to heal. Jennifer has been great; listening, understanding and providing techniques to aid me in obtaining emotional stability, closure and peacefulness."

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