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Private Instruction

Book in for private instruction and receive this game-changing childbirth education delivered one-on-one with me. I LOVE teaching private classes! Flexible dates and times available. Learn in an intimate environment tailored specifically to your needs and circumstances. 

What's included?

One-on-one education, the official Hypnobirthing Australia learning portfolio filled with study materials, practice scripts, hospital support materials, as well as a collection of professionally recorded practice audio tracks, access to our mobile learning app, and continued support (email, phone and in-person) from me should you experience a change of circumstance or just need an additional session to prepare you for your big day.

Please contact me to discuss scheduling a training. I am very flexible with both weekend and weekday availability. 


"Loved the classes! I got so much out of it already. Bring on labor! Thanks so much Jennifer!"

            -Hypnomum Lucy

Lucy family private.jpg
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