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Thank you for your patience while I’ve been navigating these ever-changing, COVID-19 waters! I have been busy exploring all options to deliver this game-changing childbirth education and support to you. After reviewing all options, testing virtual communication methods, and carefully assessing the overall quality of product- I am excited to present you with options that will NOT sacrifice the quality of your training, nor the personal connection and customized support I pride myself on! 

Hypnobirthing Australia has been offering a professionally-produced online version of our Positive Birth Program for four years. This product is of the highest quality (not thrown together in the last few weeks in response to COVID-19). And due to COVID-19 safety measures, during this time where I am unable to facilitate in-person trainings, we can take advantage of this fully digital version of the live course I love to present. I will be pairing this product with the option to upgrade with your own, private, virtual, coaching sessions. Again, this combination- professionally produced online training, paired with the customized, one-on-one sessions, provides YOU with the highest quality experience to prepare you for a beautiful, calm birth.  

This is game-changing childbirth education! Learn how your body will work during labour, how to support it, how to maximize your natural, pain-relieving hormones, birth partner trained in easy yet effective support techniques, and be provided with powerful coping and positive mindset tools. 

Until further notice, Cloud Nine will be offering 3 Positive Birth Program options:

A) Access to The Hypnobubs® Online, Hypnobirthing Course
Basic Package Starts at $199AUD/$150 USD

  • 10 x comprehensive video sessions with Hypnobirthing Australia founder, Melissa Spilsted (approx. 6 hours) including step-by-step tuition and practical exercises (for you AND your birth partner)

  • 5 X long play mp3 tracks 

  • eBook - the little book of hypnobirthing

  • Downloadable resources & worksheets

  • Hypnobirthing Videos

  • Online support 

  • Access to our private members only 'parents support group' on Facebook (available to all members enrolled in a Hypnobubs Hypnobirthing Online Course).

B) Hypnobubs® Online Hypnobirthing Course + 90-minute private session: Fee: $350 AUD (contact for USD)

All the goodness of the comprehensive, online course PLUS the personal attention and support of your very own, dedicated practitioner-me! Upgrade to add a 90-minute private session with me to ensure all your questions are answered, a birth partner technique review, and could include: customized birth coaching (including tailored support for any conditions such as gestational diabetes, blood pressure, placental positioning, etc…), birth plan assistance, customized hypnosis, etc... This is my ideal substitute for my live class. High quality training via professionally recorded video lessons, paired with my personal attention and support provided directly to you via Zoom or Skype!


C) Hypnobubs® Online Hypnobirthing Course + 3 hours of private coaching: Fee: $500 AUD (contact for USD)

Again, all the tools, techniques and information included in the online class with the ultimate upgrade to provide you with 3 hours’ worth of private support and coaching. This is the crème de la crème of the packages and will leave no stone unturned and allows me to support you throughout your journey- ensuring that you are absolutely prepared for your calm, positive birth.

Click the box below to explore the online course, but PLEASE speak with me before making any purchases! I look forward to discussing how I can support you very soon. 

Jennifer 0429.488.660


Positive Birth Online Training 

Learn more about the online course.

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And our world's first positive cesarean online course!

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