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What is Hypnobirthing?

The Positive Birth Program (Hypnobirthing) is simply a fancy word for a positive birth.

When you pair basic education about how your birthing body works, with simple, yet effective tools and techniques to stay calm and comfortable- birth becomes something beautiful.  

Quicker. Calmer. More Peaceful Birthing.

The Positive Birth Program, presented by Hypnobirthing Australia, is an evidenced-based childbirth education program that prepares families for positive births. Birth can and should be, an empowering, joyful experience.

Hypnobirthing can also be thought of as a philosophy- that birth is a normal, physiological function. One that the female body has been specifically designed to perform, without fear and pain.


When we educate ourselves regarding how our birthing body works, and what to expect during labour and birth, it makes the process more familiar and less frightening. That knowledge is then paired with tried and tested relaxation tools and techniques to create as quick and comfortable a birth as possible. The course also offers guidance regarding how to communicate and work in harmony with your medical care givers as well as teaches techniques concerning how to make decisions about your care from a place of power rather than fear. Together, the power of these resources combine to set you up for your best possible birth.


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Free Positive Birthing Audio! 

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Release Fear

Fear and worry can sabotage your plan for a positive birth by affecting your birthing body. Let me show you how to release fear and replace it with confidence and excitement.

Birth Partner

Your birth partner will be specifically coached on how to support you. Partners absolutely shine when given clear, easy direction on how to support their birthing mother!


Learn practical techniques to remain calm and comfortable to encourage a quicker, more productive labour: breathing, visualizations, self hypnosis/relaxation exercises, and techniques to maximize your body’s natural pain relief.


Birth can be unpredictable. Learn about labour and birth. Introduced to the most common medical interventions and techniques for understanding  risk and benefit in order to make decisions for your birth.  


Group Courses, Private Instruction, Refresher Sessions,

Birth Coaching & Online Study


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The moment they laid our baby on me, is unexplainable..
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