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When should I attend the course? Families are encouraged to attend the program from 20 weeks gestation onwards. I like to suggest mothers have at least 4-6 weeks from training to birth to allow ample time to practice the techniques. But I have had students successfully take the class as late as 38 weeks.

Who is the course for? Who attends? The course has been specifically designed for the birthing mother and her support person/s. Birth partners absolutely shine when given simple, clear direction on how to support a birthing mother! However, mothers are welcome to attend solo. Partners, mothers, siblings and friends all can make wonderful support people and are welcome to sit in as your support. But if you choose to come alone, that’s okay too!

Where are you located? I am located in Gladstone, Central Queensland. Skype and online options available.

What are my study options? I offer the full Hypnobirthing Australia group class in Gladstone, private instruction by appointment, 3-hour refresher sessions, mini-session birth coaching and, Hypnobirthing Australia also offers an incredible online study option as well. Contact me to discuss which format suits your schedule and budget.

Is the course only for 1st time mums? No way! The program is for all families, regardless of which birth this may be for you. First time parents will gain invaluable information to set them up for a positive birthing experience right from the start of their parenting journey. For families that have birthed before, the course can help to release negative feelings/trauma from a previous birth so that you can approach your upcoming birth with a clear mind and heart. If you’ve had a good birthing experience in the past, these tools will show you how to work together even more effectively as a birth team to enhance your upcoming birth!

How does the program work? In terms of the group and private training- you receive the foundation of your education from me in an interactive, workshop format. At the time of course commencement you will receive your official Hypnobirthing Australia study portfolio and audio track downloads which will be explained in-depth during our time together. Once the face-to-face classes are over, you practice your techniques at home, at your leisure: post your visualizations and affirmations around your home, practice your breathing techniques, listen to your audio tracks, spend time reviewing your portfolio with your support person, create your birth preferences document, etc… It is NOT hard work. And it’s not a huge time commitment, but you do need to make time to be with the tools to really bring them to life on your big day.
*Your course fee also includes continued support from me should you experience a change of circumstance and need additional support.

The online format works in a similar fashion. You purchase your desired package. Work your way through the video lessons at your own pace. Then make the tools your own with continued practise.
*A 90 minute face-to-face or Skype coaching session is available to online students for $150 to compliment the online program. 

How much is the course?
Live Hypnobirthing course training ranges from $575-$625.
3 Hour Customized Refresher Session $299
Birth Coaching Session $150
Online Study $199 with live review session upgrades 90 minutes for $150 and 3 hours for $290.

$500 is a lot of money. Can I afford this course?! The course is an investment. I know, I was in your exact shoes five years ago asking myself the same question. And I am so glad I said YES to Hypnobirthing. We spend so much time and money shopping for prams, and cots…but what about the experience that brings our baby into the world? It is arguably one of the biggest days of your life- do you want to arm yourself with the tools and resources to give your family the best, most positive start possible? If so, say yes to the investment.

These are tools for life. Not only did they give me my healing, natural birth after a traumatic caesarean, but I still use the relaxation techniques to this day when the stresses of life come to call. This course is value for money.

Do you have a payment plan option? Yes, payment plans are absolutely available. The full course fee is due by the first day of class. Credit card payments are also available upon request.

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