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The full course, experienced in a group setting, is a powerful format for learning.


The program is run as an interactive workshop for you and your birth support person.  Birth partners absolutely shine when given clear, simple direction on how to support a birthing mother!

When should one attend the course? Families are encouraged to attend the program from 20 weeks gestation onwards. I like to suggest mothers have at least 4-6 weeks to practice the techniques but have had students successfully take the class as late as 38 weeks.

What's included?

The booking fee includes the 2 workshop days for you and your support person, the official Hypnobirthing Australia learning portfolio filled with study materials, visualizations  acupressure points handout, practice scripts, hospital support materials and more. You will also receive a collection of professionally-recorded audio tracks, access to our new mobile learning app,  and continued support from me (both in person session or support via phone/email) should you experience a change of circumstance or just need additional support to prepare you for your big day. 


Upcoming Classes



Positive Birth Program
Due to the heavy shift-working nature of the Gladstone Region and the scheduling challenges that presents, I am mainly facilitating private or semi-private trainings. I am quite flexible, and we can easily select dates for your class. Contact me below to discuss further. 


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